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Edenvale Success College is an English-medium school and the language of learning and teaching (LOLT) is English. Afrikaans is the first additional language. Learners will not be refused admission on grounds that English is not their official home language.

Success College accepts registrations at all times during the school year through the office. 

We will have only one class per grade from Grade R to Matric with a maximum of six children per grade i.e. a maximum of seventy-eight learners in the school at one time. This enables each child to have quality time with their teacher and receive focussed, stimulating and exciting education as an individual whilst functioning in a group. 

As demand grows for our school, then we will look at opening additional branches of the school within the required catchment area and the same model will be applied. This will be strategically phased in to ensure that the model remains cost effective and sustainable.

If, on enquiry, the grade your child requires is already full, we will put you on a waiting list and keep you informed of any vacancy and any expansion plans. The earlier you register the better, as our waiting lists work by registration date order.

Admission Age for Each Grade:

Grade R:  must be 5 years old turning 6

Grade 1:  must be 6 years old turning 7

Grade 2 – 12:  no more than 2 years above the Grade age (at the discretion of the Principal)

Admissions procedure:

Requirements for Admission:

  1. A copy of the pupil’s Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of date of birth

  2. A copy of his/her most recent school report, if applicable

  3. Transfer Card from previous school, if applicable

  4. A completed Application Form  (download the Application Form here)

  5. Proof of payment of the Registration Fee (R2,750)

Edenvale Success College Fees for 2021:

The school requests that the registration fee be paid by the 30th November 2020.

Parents are offered the following options to pay school fees:

  • Parents can pay the fees on the 1st day of every month (12 payments).

  • Parents can pay a term’s fees upfront (3 payments).

  • Parents can pay the school fees upfront for the year (1 payment).

A sibling discount of 5% per additional child is offered.

Aftercare / Homework Centre:

If your child is enrolled at Success College and you would like him/her to attend the Aftercare/Homework Centre, there will be a charge of R 1,250 per month.

A light lunch (e.g. toasted sandwich or hotdog) and homework supervision will be provided.

Your child must be collected by 18h00 at the latest.

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