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Meet our Principals


Christine Pyott

Andrew Jones

Success College has two co-principals, Christine Pyott and Andrew Jones, who have both been involved in education for the last twenty years. Christine’s field of expertise is primary school and Andrew’s focus has been high school and tertiary education.


They are both passionate about education.

The already well-documented big concerns about education in South Africa have been raised and discussed ad nauseum. There is no question that education is due a complete overhaul with a focus on skills rather than content. In a 21st century environment, where content is readily available through a variety of sources, the key to education is providing children with the skills to cope with this endless amount of content and to enable them to analyse and interpret the information and use it to  change the environment around them.

Their vision is to start this revolution at Success College.

Whilst adopting an exciting new approach to education, they will ensure that Success College students are imbued with the specific knowledge and skills they require to obtain an IEB Matric.


We encourage learning, devoid of fear and anxiety using positive reinforcement to achieve goals. We ensure that classes are kept really small to provide a nurturing environment in which this learning can take place.

We are not a remedial school but cater for children who have difficulty learning in the existing education environment – for example, children who experience anxiety or social difficulties and do not respond well to shouting and criticism.

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